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Mom and Dad,

Are you tired of trying to figure it out all by yourself? Are you feeling overwhelmed as you navigate the scary world of loving a child who has challenges? Remember: It is never too late and there is always hope for this child!

You may be wondering what to do next. There is so much information “out there” and you would love to know what to do next. You have come to the right place! You are ready to get started helping your child.

You are a hands-on parent and want to be empowered to take ACTION STEPS that not only help in the challenging moments right NOW but also will build a better FUTURE for your child.

You just need a game plan - a direction.

You would like to take an important step in that direction AND also get empowering, confidence-building, validating, encouraging support for YOU as the parent.

We can help you! ARE YOU READY?

We invite you to a GET ACQUAINTED CALL (GAC). This is a 30-45 minute conversation where we, Tom and Julie Meekins of March Forth Family, can get clearer on your concerns and let you know what we have in place to help. The fee for a GAC is $25. When you sign up for one of our programs, the $25 will be applied toward the cost of the program. To find out more about our GACs - click here

We have been busy creating and tweaking resources for you!

We have found that over the years of raising kids, that the information, encouragement, and empowerment in these classes is a great help to all parents, especially if you have a child with challenges.

We are sure that one of these online classes will resonate with you or someone you know and you may even identify with all three. You can go at your own pace as you work through the material.

Each class is delivered to you as an online audio. They come complete with links to valuable resources that can be printed or saved.

Each online audio class is only $39 for a limited time.

Check out these descriptions:
Heart Based Parenting for your Child with Challenges

  • You are at a loss to know what to do next.
  • Maybe you have been to conferences, bought books and materials, filled out workbooks and took notes from conferences and meetings and still you are stuck.
  • You so want to reach the heart of your child.
  • You are asking yourself "Is there something else I can do to help my child understand?"

Click Here for Amy's video invitation
Click here for more information.

Long Term Help for Struggling Students
Any one struggle can be painful for a child and perplexing for the parents and teachers who want to help.
We want to

  • EDUCATE you on what other parents have learned and done,
  • EQUIP you with simple action steps,
  • EMPOWER you as the parent and/or teacher to know that YOU can do amazing things for this child now and forever.

This is an audio class that you can listen to directly on your computer and download for future reference, too!

Click Here for Amy's video Invitation.
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The Hyperactive Child
Now is the time!

  • to calm the chaos,
  • to get to the cause of the hyperactivity
  • to help this child become all they were meant to be.

Are you ready to learn about what can cause a child to be hyperactive AND wonderful information on what to do about it! This class is full of life-changing information. This is an audio class that you can listen to directly on your computer and download for future reference, too!

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ADHD Parent Training Package: $99  $59 for a limited time)

Are you a hands-on parent?familyonhand-jannoon028-freedigitalphotos-net

Does your child have a label of ADHD?
Do you suspect that your child has ADHD symptoms?

It has been said that ADHD is a neurological condition. The cool thing about that is, for many folks, there are ways to jumpstart the brain -- the neurological system -- to develop those areas and make them work better.

Would you like a step-by-step plan to work with your child at home to help start your child on a journey of new abilities?

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