4 Quick Tips to a Better Holiday Season

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Are you feeling a little nervous about the upcoming holidays?

Are you worried how your child will react to a change of routine or unfamiliar foods?

Is there concern for what Gramma or Aunt Millie or Cousin Jeremy is expecting from your family?

Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about all the preparations?

Well, we are here to give you permission to take charge.

Consider these 4 Tips to Guard your Holidays so that you can survive with your health and sanity in check.

Guard the Schedule

Be careful about overextending yourself and your underlings. Keep things as simple as you can and still add in traditions that will make precious memories for the future.

Guard your Health

This is the time of year when some of our efforts for eating healthy may get pushed aside. We definitely believe that there is room for special treats. We do caution you to keep assessing the amount of "convenience foods", "special treats", and "fast foods" you allow into your body and the bodies of your children. Planning ahead is always a good idea.

Guard your Expectations

You may have all kinds of lofty ideas of how to make the holidays special and memorable for your family. We did. In order to not be disappointed and to keep a positive relationship with the children and any other family members, keep your expectations realistic. We already talked about Guarding the Schedule. Keep in mind the transitions and out-of-routine events and what they do to the children. We have already encouraged you to keep things as simple as possible. Often non-met expectations create stress, impatience, unkindness and broken relationships.

Guard your Rest Time

We saved the rest time emphasis for last because often it gets overlooked and we want the consideration of this one to linger in your mind. If you adequately Guard your Schedule and Expectations, there will be time for adequate rest. Rest is such a critical part of keeping healthy and getting back to health if you are sick. Schedule in downtime for both you and your children. As much as you can be home for the toddlers and infants naps, make a commitment to do so. Create extra rest times for you and your children in the midst of the busyness. We encourage you to get yourself to bed at a reasonable time. We give you permission to take a nap while your children are resting.

We encourage you to do whatever you can to

Guard Your
  - Schedule
  - Health
  - Expectations
  - Rest Time

Sometimes it is during the holidays that we realize the children in our lives may need a little extra help in their development and that you may need some support as you parent and/or teach them. If you feel that you would like to know about the extra support that we can bring you, we invite you to consider a Get Acquainted Call to discuss your concerns and to let you know what we have in place to help. Contact us today to schedule your call.

Much love,
Julie and Tom

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