5 Tips to Prepare for an Important Meeting on Behalf of Your Child

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DoctorWriting_imagerymagestic_freedigitalphotos.netThrough the experiences of twenty seven years of doctor appointments, teacher meetings, etc. advocating for our children, we have learned some things that help those meetings to go smoother and more often than not accomplish our goals.

Here are a few of those strategies:

Dress up

Look nice and put together. Sad to say, but it is true that you and your baby/child will get better service and attention if you are looking your best.

Take a Notebook

Be ready to take important notes.

Be a Team Player

Present your concerns and questions with intent and also with kindness and an air of brain storming – of problem solving with the “team”.

Display an Attitude of Gratitude

Give the attitude of gratitude to whomever you meet even if you don’t feel they are being particularly helpful. So many situations have turned around when parents take the high road of respecting the position of the person with whom they met.

Be Willing to Listen to the Other Side

Being willing to see where the other party is coming from doesn’t necessarily mean that you will change your mind about how things should go for your child, but it could quite possibly pave the way for new possibilities for your child.

Whether it is an IEP, a doctor visit, a meeting with a teacher, coach, dance instructor, etc. if you take to heart the above tips, you could do much to advance the cause for your child.

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With much love,
Tom and Julie

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