A New Journey: Special Needs

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Okay. I have done it. I have finally entered the world of bloggers! I have always been a writer. From the time I was very young, I would journal or write stories or create poems. Then came marriage. Then came parenting. It wasn't until our fourth child was born that I began writing again. These writings were in the form of emails to my sister-in-law. We were traveling together down an unknown path. The path of special needs. Those emails back and forth were riddled with confusion, exhaustion and sometimes desperation but they were also filled with determination to find the absolute best for our hurting children. Many of you are NOW right where we were then. Your children are struggling and you are walking down an unknown path. You have had some sleepless nights. You have made countless phone calls to the "experts". You have cried until there are no more tears. You wonder what is around the corner. That was me. That IS you now. I just want you to know I understand.

Julie Meekins


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