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One Potential Root Cause for ADHD

There is an order to child development and there are important components to each level. Sometimes our kids with an official diagnosis of ADHD or the kids who are showing symptoms of ADHD without a formal diagnosis miss something along the way in their development. There are many reasons for this, but the question you want to ask right now (no matter what age or stage of development the child is currently at) is there anything we can do to boost that maturity and shore up the foundation?

Immature early development especially in the areas of reflexes and cross patterning (we'll explain those in a little more detail) can create an environment conducive for ADHD symptoms.

Sometimes our kids get stuck in normal stages of development. For example when we are infants in utero we have certain reflexes that when we are born should integrate and give us a higher level of development. All along the way it is possible for the reflexes that are supposed to integrate to get stuck and create immaturity.

Also, crawling and creeping as a baby is a critical developmental step. If you have a child who didn't crawl and creep or didn't do it long enough, it is possible they do not have a strong brain foundation. Other steps of development like walking and talking may come in but there may be evidence of an immature foundation when the child struggles to learn to read or do other academics or get along with people or develop life skills. They may learn to compensate but they are definitely not at their BEST. And as a person ages, it is much harder to depend on those coping and compensation skills they learned in their youth. The good news is that you can go back and fill in the cracks of the foundation in your child that is shaky.

With simple activities your child's brain foundation can be shored-up and made strong. All of the development that is built upon that foundation can be stronger and the children can then have the opportunity to be their BEST. Integrating reflexes and bringing in a good creep and crawl can make such a HUGE difference in a child’s development.

Laying a strong foundation for your child’s development is critical for higher level accomplishments. Reflex integration and cross pattern crawling, creeping, marching and skipping will give your child every advantage to becoming the BEST they can be.

We do lots of coaching in these modalities for parents because we know how important these developmental steps are for each child. The cool thing about this laying of a strong foundation is that if a child has missed a particular step, it can be worked on at any time.

Our daughter Amy is the perfect example of this. We had to facilitate every step of her development. She did not crawl, creep, walk or talk without specific one-on-one targeted activities to stimulate her brain – open pathways and -- therefore make connections in her brain. She didn’t walk until she was four BUT because of all the work we did (siblings included) with her one-on-one, she DID learn to walk and all the other things essential for development.

This concept is true across the board: When a child is struggling...

go back to where the development got stuck -- specifically stimulate the brain there and new pathways can lead to new connections and the child's abilities can soar.

We know. We worked it and we witnessed it every day with our children.

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