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LoadingBABY LOVE Child Development - Tom and Julie Meekins

How do we love our babies?

We give them:
   - clean diapers
   - full bellies
   - lots of love

What else do they need? Brain stimulation! Do we need to be concerned about stimulating their brains at this young age? Absolutely. How?

Babies need:

  • good one-on-one communication,
  • lots of hugs and touches, and
  • specifically-targeted movement: the opportunity to build a strong brain foundation on which all other development is built.


Babies need communication.

Face to face.

They need to watch your mouth move as you formulate your words. They need to see the expressions in your eyes. They need to see smiles and excitement. They need to hear the sounds that you are making, soft sounds, loud sounds, crackling sounds, happy sounds.  All of this is a critical part of early language. Talk to your babies often.


Babies need hugs and touches.

Rub noses.  

Glide your hands over their faces and heads and necks.

Take a bath glove and lightly rub all over those little arms and legs and bellies and backs. Hold them. Hug them.


Babies need floor time.

Give those little ones plenty of belly time on the floor. Let them build strong tone in the chest and arms and necks. Watch them learn how to scoot along the floor. Dig their rocking motions. Then, as they begin to move forward, be the detective. At first, they will probably use one side then the other. Over time, however, watch the arms and legs during the belly/army crawl. Does your baby move into using the right hand and the left leg together? Is the left hand and the right leg working together? This is called cross patterning. Keep them on the floor and crawling and creeping in a cross pattern motion in a synchronized manner for a good long time. Why? Because you are building a very strong brain foundation on which all other development is laid.

What happens when that foundation is not strong?

Symptoms of a weak brain foundation:

  • poor reading skills
  • difficulty concentrating in school
  • disorganized central nervous system
  • poor attention
  • immaturity
  • difficulty following directions
  • poor social skills,

to name a few.

Are you seeing these symptoms in your post-baby child?

All is not lost. At any time, at any stage, you can work on this foundation.  We are in the business of guiding parents to create strong foundations for their children. Are you worried that your child's foundation isn't strong?  Let’s talk about it. Schedule a Get Acquainted Call:

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With Much Love,
Tom and Julie


updated 4/28/2016

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