Band Aids or Root Causes?

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Tom and Julie Meekins

When your child is screaming in pain but you don't know exactly what the source of that pain is -- what do you do? Do you reach for the band aid box and slap a bandage on it without any further investigation? Of course, you don't.

When your child is displaying a challenging behavior, what is your greatest desire? You want the behavior to change, don't you? When your child is struggling with school work, you want to help him not struggle in the future, right? When your child is having difficulty with relationships, you want to do whatever you can to help him develop long-lasting friendships and bonds with family, correct?

We thought so.

That is why we formed March Forth Family and that is why we do what we do.

Because we were in your shoes and we wanted to 1) help our children change bad or awkward behavior, 2) help our children to not have to struggle so much with academics, and 3) help our children to gain understanding and put the things into place needed to build strong relationships with people.

So, what did we do?

The first thing we did was: Uncover the Rocks. We  wanted to get to the root causes. It took a bit of detective work. It took researching and getting training, and implementing what we learned.

Our guess is that you, too, want to uncover the rocks of your child's struggles.

Here are a few things we found when we uncovered rocks for our children.

The root cause of bad behavior can be many things. Often it is:

  • a particular sensitivity to food dyes or artificial colorings or flavorings; and/or
  • wheat sensitivities or celiac disease, and/or
  • dairy intolerances, and/or
  • normal development that got stuck in a certain stage, and/or
  • lack of communication (which may not be your fault), and/or
  • a need for support for the parents, and/or
  • mindset.

The root cause of learning struggles can be many things. Often it is:

  • low sequential processing and/or
  • immature development, and/or
  • the brain's foundation is weak, and/or
  • something called mixed-dominance, and/or
  • mindset.

The root cause of relationship struggles can be many things. Often it is:

  • immaturity -being stuck in certain developmental stages, and/or
  • lack of information on HOW to be a good friend, and/or
  • the need for more input on reading social cues, and/or
  • communication breakdowns, and/or
  • mindset, and/or
  • confidence issues

The good news is: THERE IS A "WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" PIECE FOR ALL OF THESE CONCERNS. PARENT: We do not have to accept that our children have to stay stuck here where they are. Are you a hands-on parent? If so, you will be happy to know that there are specific things YOU can do right there at home to help your children move to the next level of his or her development.

TEACHER: Are you a pro-active teacher who is not satisfied to just get by in the moment but is more interested in helping the child to shore up his or her foundation so as to enhance his/her future? You will be happy to know that there are things you can do right there in your classroom (Sunday School Classroom, Awana Classroom, Public or Private School Classroom, or your Homeschool) to help those children to the next level of their development

Too often we reach for band aids to put over infectious root causes that need our attention. Let's reach higher. Let's delve deeper. Let's get to the bottom of it! The first step in our 7 Steps to Help Children Reach the Next Level of their Development is indeed to Uncover the Rocks and Get to the Root Causes.  Our feeling is that is exactly what you want to do, too.

If you are ready to set up a Get Acquainted Call?  If so, you can contact us through our website at

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