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Cute Girl Sleeping On A White Bed - yingyo - freedigitalphotos.netSometimes our children just need a boost in opening pathways in the brain to make new connections so that the brain knows where the body is in time and space. This is called proprioception.

Here are some activities that work at the brain level to bring that awareness:

  1. arm and leg squeezes  (two times a day for five minutes - more is okay, too). Deeply massage all four limbs and the torso. Start at the fingertips and go up the arms to the shoulders. Start at the toes and go up the legs to the thighs. You can use your hands or a hand held vibrator.
  1. trunk to trunk deep bear hugs (eight times a day - more is good!  🙂  This is good for all family members.
  1. a weighted blanket, lap pad, or vest - this is another way to give the brain the information it needs to know where the body is in time in space.

It is important to note that all children are different and the time it takes to eliminate bedwetting will vary for all children.

One of our children stopped bedwetting by us consistently doing the arm and leg squeezes  each night for five minutes before sleep over a two week period of time. It really depends on what is causing the bedwetting to begin with. While investigating the root causes*, it may be worth applying the arm and leg squeezes and the deep hugs in the meantime. It can't hurt and it may start opening those pathways.

We also want to encourage you to keep going with the activities until the bedwetting stops. We do not have a window into the brain to be able to see the work that is happening prior to the connection taking place. Just know that something is happening behind the scenes. You do not want to stop short of the solution. Keep going!

*What are some of the potential root causes for bedwetting? There are many different possibilities for the problem. A few that we see often are:

  • immature development with gross motor
  • reflexes retained instead of integrated
  • food allergies
  • mindset

We should also mention that you will want to rule out any medical conditions with your pediatrician.

Please remember to have compassion. Your child does not want to have this problem. Even though getting up in the middle of the night to assist a child who is wet is exhausting, do your best to encourage your child. Be a teamplayer in solving the issue.

If you would like to have support in solving your child's bedwetting problem, please contact us at

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