Chocolate and Tranquility

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By Julie Meekins

As we thought about what today's article/blog should be about, it became apparent that it was going to be all about chocolate. Just kidding. Although, chocolate will play a very important part of this post -- we really want to focus on resting. There are many facets to the word rest.

First of all sleep is a form of rest. We often refer to a "good night's rest".  Another time for a form of rest is after lots of activity or exertion or a particularly hard mental exercise. Some folks dream of soaking in a hot tub. My inclination is to sit with a cup of hot coffee or hot tea and nibble on a piece of luscious dark chocolate. Ahhhh!

Sometimes this kind of rest comes in watching a show on Netflix. I love British crime shows and my stopping of activity at the end of the day often includes taking in an episode of "A Touch of Frost" or "Inspector Morse" or "Midsomer Murders". All of these types of rest are very important and necessary for us.

But the kind of rest we want to focus on most today is the mental and spiritual calm that comes in tranquility. This rest is calmness, peacefulness, quiet, serenity. This type of rest very often is a choice -- a decision we make.

We are guessing you often find yourself in a state of urgency -- that is very common in raising children. You have a to do list and wonder if you will ever get to the first 2 items on that list let alone the entire list. You feel like you have to be "on top" of everything at every minute. You feel like your ON" switch is perpetual. Life swirls around you and sometimes you feel like you have absolutely no control.

Our lives are a bit upside down right now and we had a discussion this morning about how we have impossible to do lists. We are guessing that this is YOU, too. We are preparing our house to sell it. We are in "declutter" and sell off and fix up phase. Then, of course, we will be in "keep everything perfect all the time" phase so that we're ready to show it at the drop of a hat.

And so -- we and you -- have a decision to make -- a choice to make. We can be in a perpetual state of stress and irritability -- grumbling at everything and everyone; OR, we can simply choose to rest. We can purpose to stop and breathe. Often and deeply. We can trust in the God who loves us and only wants our best or we can complain about the state of affairs when they are not the way we want them to be. We can take a step back and look at the big picture and go after the priorities such as the relationships with those we love. We can focus on how we can bring love, and peace, and calmness to the situation -- in spite of the craziness, in spite of the urgency, in spite of the dirty diapers, and temper tantrums, overwhelming laundry and dishes and messes.

"Be Still" --- Choose it today!

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Julie Meekins

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