ADHD Another Perspective,  A Parent Empowerment Webinar
With Julie and Tom Meekins

$37  You will be taken to a payment page then to the class. There are 70 slides that go with the audio class that will be displayed on your screen during the class.


Has your child been labeled ADHD? Are you looking for another perspective?

Does your child have trouble with:
... getting organized?
... staying tuned-in to the task?
... sitting still?
... paying attention?
... impulsive behavior?
... low self-esteem?
... making friends?
... performing in school?
... following through on school assignments, tasks or chores?

How would it feel if your child could:
** focus better with schoolwork?
** be more organized?
** follow directions better?
** control his or her impulses?
** make friends?
** feel better about himself or herself?

Would you like to understand your child's ADHD symptoms a little better?
Would you like to work on uncovering the cause of those symptoms?
Would you like to have tools to work with your child to ease the struggle?

This information could be life transforming.

Some words from folks like you who have tuned into other Teleclasses we have presented:

Before: I am already sitting here with a pad of paper and pencil just waiting for (the upcoming teleclass). 
After: Great call tonight! Once again you covered a great amount of info in an easy to understand way with awesome tips on what to do about it!  Colleen B.

Well done! I really enjoyed it. One of the unique things that you have to offer is the general health piece. This is often overlooked by those working with parents. I love the way you combine parenting, general health, child development, and emotional issues. We will continue to enthusiastically recommend March Forth Family to those raising special needs children. Keep up the good work!   Ed Miller, National Center for Biblical Parenting
Are you ready?

... ADHD does not have to limit your child's dreams!

... Your child has unique gifts and talents that the world cannot do without.

Would you like to have the "what to do about it" piece to unleash your child's unique abilities?

Would you like to quiet your own heart's worries and get to work with simple everyday activities that can change your child's future?

$37    Access this class now.  After paying with Paypal or a credit card, you will be taken to the class.  There are 70 slides that go with the audio class that will be displayed on your screen during the class.  Contact us if you have any questions.


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