The Hyperactive Child
Online audio class with Tom and Julie Meekins

The hyperactive child you love or with whom you work quite possibly:

  • is bouncing off the walls, literally.
  • cannot find the chair to sit on
  • is very impulsive
  • blurts out whatever he or she is thinking whenever he or she feels like it
  • cannot stand clothing or certain kinds of clothing
  • hates to be touched
  • wants to be held and hugged all day long
  • hugs too hard
  • is a bull in a china shop
  • scratches bug bites until they bleed
  • is disorganized
  • is affected by certain ingredients in foods
  • hates haircuts
  • has trouble sleeping or getting to sleep

We have learned so much about what can cause a child to be hyperactive AND wonderful information on what to do about it! We have a child who WAS hyperactive and we work with countless other families who come to us for help with their hyperactive children.

Now is the time:

  • to calm the chaos
  • to get to the cause of the hyperactivity
  • to help this child become all they were meant to be

Are you ready?

We want to EDUCATE you
on what we have learned and done that has alleviated and often eliminated hyperactive behavior in children.

We want to EQUIP you
with simple action steps you can do daily that will calm the chaos.

We want to EMPOWER you
as the parent and/or teacher to know that YOU can do amazing things for this child now and forever.

This class is full of life-changing information. This is an audio-only class that you can listen to directly on your computer and download for future reference, too!

You get all of this for only $39  $29 for a limited time.

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