Caucasian Family Of Four In The Studio -

Parenting and Teaching the Special Child - Going Deeper with Day to Day Strategies
With Tom and Julie Meekins

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 Do any of these run through your heart?

Why does the child(ren) in my life struggle so much with...

  • obedience
  • meltdowns
  • regarding transitions
  • regarding clothing
  • regarding just about anything
  • even though they are not a toddler any more
  • bullying
  • dishonesty
  • taking responsibility
  • digestive issues
  • following directions
  • laziness
  • settling in with the class or group
  • self-control
  • lack of focus
  • getting to sleep
  • staying asleep
  • homework
  • bedwetting
  • eating struggles
  • picky eating
  • texture issues
  • messy eating
  • moodiness
  • self-esteem
  • sitting still
  • impulse control
  • sensory issues
  • hyperactivity
  • chronic infections
  • auditory processing
  • self harm
  • social skills
  • not putting forth the effort when I know they are able
  • being so easily distracted
  • school work

Labels and Theory are nice in discussions but you are living with the here and now! You need strategies to get through your day and yet you don't want to constantly be only putting out fires. You want to make a difference in the development of the child.

What if you could do both? ...put out fires with the strategies that can bring the child to more maturity?

What if you did simple exercises and activities with the child that would make a difference for NOW and for their FUTURE?

You see -- within each child there is potential.

We think that

  • you want to know you are making a difference
  • you may be exhausted
  • you may be confused
  • you just need to know what to do
  • you are ready to try something new
  • you are rolling up your sleeves and are ready to get to work

Well then -- you have come to the right place.

In this class we will give you nitty gritty, hands-on, "what to do about it" pieces.

You will come away with:

  • the peace that comes from being equipped
  • a toolbox filled with "at your fingertips" tools
  • validation that you are the chosen one for making a difference for this child
  • a sense of knowing that you are not alone

Our goal is also to build community among the attendees. Brainstorming with others is a valuable tool in equipping the called.

It is time. You know you are ready to take this next step.

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We definitely recommend the private coaching (we have already told a few families!).  The one-on-one help is so beneficial and the fact that it is tailored specifically to our child/children provides a service you can't find when reading a book, watching a video, etc.  The other component that is just as valuable is the encouragement.  Both of you are so encouraging and have the understanding that can only come from walking through this before us.  Hearing about your children and how they have progressed is also a blessing.  It is also a great feeling that we are not doing this alone.  -Mike and Denise Miller
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