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YOU are raising a child who has challenges.
YOU are looking for support from those who have been there.
YOU want to hang out with folks in the trenches trying to figure it out, too.

Did your child just get a diagnosis of something and now you are numb?
Are you looking for some doable ideas for nutrition for your family?
Is it time to implement new strategies for your child?
Do you need a fresh set of tools for your parenting toolbox?

You are a HANDS-ON PARENT and you WANT:
- to learn tried and true practical ideas to help your child now and for the future
- to know important child development steps your child needs to follow
- to give him every opportunity to be the best he can be
- other folks to understand what you are going through
- to connect with folks who "get" you

- somebody to brainstorm next steps with
- help to know what questions to ask
- encouragement in the daily interaction with your child
- tips for communicating with other adults involved in your child's life
- to know that you haven't missed something as you help your child

How would it feel to be plugged into a community
  ...where the collective desire is to be the best parent you can be to your child
  ...where you can share your struggles in a safe and supportive environment
  ...that is not critical and judgmental but instead kind and empowering

Are you ready to get support?
Join the:

Membership Club


Tom and Julie Meekins are parent mentors and coaches who live in Lynchburg, VA, with an online outreach throughout the world. They give hope to and empower ALL parents and especially those raising a complex child. They raised 4 children, two of whom had special needs and learning struggles. Using their education as health coaches, tools as presenters for, Julie’s neurodevelopmental training, Tom’s seminary training, and especially the experiences of being parents themselves, they bring a heart-based approach to parent coaching. 

When you join the MarchForthFamily Membership Club, here's what you will get:

You will get:
1) Monthly Group LIVE Phone Coaching Call
2) Opportunity to join a secret Facebook group where you can:

  • post questions and concerns
  • share tips that have been helpful to you
  • connect with others like you
  • hang out with like-minded parents wanting the best for their kids, too
  • get even more tips and ideas for your child, you, your other children, your spouse

The Facebook interactive group will provide content about:

  • raising children and specifically ones with challenges,
  • development strategies,
  • nutrition tips,
  • getting through the day,
  • social skills,
  • life skills,
  • your own health and well being
  • communication with your child and those in his or her life

Our hearts' desire is that you get supported in one of the most important jobs on the planet.

We know the struggle of raising children whose needs can be intense. We want you to have a place to go to get boosted and understood and empowered.

We invite you...
We'd love to have you...
Join us in the:

Membership Club


Yes! Tom and Julie, I AM READY to join the

Membership Club

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