Creative Belly Time For Baby

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Creative Belly Time for BabyBy Julie Meekins

Cute Baby - imagerymajestics - freedigitalphotos.netYou have been hearing that it is important to put babies on their backs for sleeping. Since babies do a lot of sleeping and spend lots of time on their backs, we want to get creative in giving our babies good belly time each day.  Belly time is essential for good healthy development in baby’s early months.

There are many wonderful gadgets for babies to sit in and play. While that is very convenient for when you need to have a safe place to hold baby while you clean and do laundry and cook meals, we encourage you to make it your mission to give your baby good belly time several times each day.

Here are some creative ways to get belly time in for your baby:

When burping after feedings, lay your baby across your lap.

After diaper changes, for a few minutes each time, lay your baby on his belly, roll up a small blanket and put it under his chest and pull his arms out to the front.

For play time, lay your baby on her belly on a blanket on the floor. Here are some activities you can do during play time:

  • Hold up a mirror for him to admire his reflection.
  • Lay out some toys and wiggle them in front of baby. When you have grabbed baby’s attention move one toy slowly from side to side for baby to track.
  • Get down in front of baby and talk to her.

At other times, get yourself comfortable on a bed or couch in an angled position. Lay your baby belly down on your belly at an angle. Talk to him.

Make it your mission to give your baby belly time several times throughout the day.

Julie Meekins


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