Dear Mother of a Complex Child

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Quill Pen - vectorolie - freedigitalphotos.netDo you feel alone?

When you look around you, you don’t see another family like yours, do you?

Are there days that you feel alone because you think no one truly understands your agony, your desires, your intense joys over what others take for granted, your fury and hurt over the way your child gets treated sometimes, your exhaustion, the lengths you go to in order to help others understand your child, or your confusion?

I am here to tell you –I see you. You are not invisible. In fact, you are one of my heroes! You are brilliant. You are capable. You are lovely. You are hard-working. You are persevering. You are super-woman.

You are the perfect mama for your child. It may not always feel that way – especially on those agonizing days. However, you are the only mom who can bring the specialness of you to that child. This isn’t even about what you do as much as it is about who you are. You may not know this yet, but your child is vital in your life as well. This complex child is yours for very significant and beautiful reasons. You belong to each other. That is precious.

With much love,
Julie Meekins
A mom who gets you because of the journey I have traveled.

Image courtesy of vectorolie - freedigitalphotos. net


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