Do You Cry in the Bathroom?

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By Julie Meekins -

ID-10064534Do you cry in the bathroom? I did. Still do sometimes.

I cried because this mama bear was exhausted. I cried because I was overwhelmed and didn't have a clue what next steps to take. I cried because my heart was breaking that my child had to endure what they were enduring at the time. I cried because, other than my husband, no one in the world truly understood the challenge before me.

Raising children is hard. You want the absolute best for each one -- the typically developing ones AND the ones who are not developing typically.

We see them struggle and it breaks our heart. We want them to know we empathize -- we care -- we get that sometimes their struggles suck. Totally. However, we also know that as their parent we cannot let them live in a pity party. We are responsible for lifting them up when they are slipping into the downward spiral. We are their biggest cheerleader until every last rah rah has been drained from our person and we need to be refueled ourselves.

When you come to that point, do you cry in the bathroom?

The bathroom was the only place I could have some semblance of privacy. I learned to do gut-wrenching sobs very quietly.  No one heard. How about you? Have you learned that art?

Afterwards, I often felt a weight lifted. I was renewed in a sense. The perspective began to arise once again that I could go on and that there was new hope for whatever child's situation put me in my cry room this time. In fact, usually after these episodes I had a new sense of the fact that I was never alone. There was a renewed sense in my spirit that One greater than me Who was everywhere all the time and Who loved me with an everlasting love had my back. The God who created the universe would always fill me with the knowledge that He would be available to me in every faith walk. I just needed to trust Him.

I do. Trust Him that is. He has proven faithful too many times not to trust Him. Sometimes I had to look very hard for the silver linings but they were and are always there IF I choose to look for them.

I have learned that it is totally okay to cry in the bathroom. I have learned that tears are healing.

And so, today I give you permission to cry in the bathroom. Just remember that I get it. I feel your pain. I am cheering for you. You will rise above this moment of despair and frustration and overwhelm. You will stare another challenge in the face and you will rise stronger and more equipped.

Like me, you are an overcomer.

Much love,


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