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"Heart Based Parenting for the Child with Challenges." 

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Introduction letter to Mom or Dad

Dear Mom or Dad,

You are reading this because you have purchased a product or package from us in hope that this will be something that will give you some direction in your situation. Maybe you are looking for that one thing that will turn everything around for you and your child.

You may find that here. You may be super encouraged and feel equipped. We know this stuff is good because we have done it with our children and met with success and we have shared it with countless other parents who have done some or all of these action steps with their children who have had remarkable results.

BUT…you should know that we are parents like you. During the course of raising our children, we have been exhausted, frustrated, angry, confused, excited, humbled, overwhelmed and filled with unspeakable joy and hope.

We have talked with professionals who have given us nothing but bleak thoughts for the future of our children. We have wondered in the day to day of raising these children if all the research, classes, time, energy, and money spent is really making a difference.

Please know that you are not alone. You may feel that no one truly understands the depth of your struggle. Please know that we care. More importantly the God who created you cares even more deeply. He knows and He cares.

In our doubts, in our exhaustion, in our confusion it was easy to get discouraged. We do not begin to understand or have the ability to explain the whys of our lives or of yours. We have often asked the question “why did you pick us, Lord, to do this?”

We only know that we cannot get through the daily journey without the Rock, the Anchor.

Do you have that Anchor, too? Do you know Jesus? He wants to be your Savior. He wants to be your Rock and your Redeemer. He says to come to Him and He will give you rest.

We have found the God of the Universe to be faithful to provide all we need in every step. We needed only to trust Him. Sometimes He sends us on avenues of pursuit we feel may be our undoing. Sometimes we struggle with “am I doing enough? Am I doing THE thing? Did I take my child to THE best expert? Did I really uncover every rock? We can make ourselves crazy with our doing and our pursuing.

Yes. We need to search and seek for the best for our children but we first need to SEEK GOD for wisdom. We need to make a daily practice of giving over our child to the ONE who loves him or her even more than we do.

Seek Him. Ask for wisdom. Then listen. He will guide you.

With Passion and Compassion,
Tom and Julie


There are many personal and unique ways to process information. You might consider approaching the information in this package this way:

  • Listen to the audio
  • Check out the power point slides in PDF form
  • Compile some notes of things that resonate with you while listening.


  • Consider the Action Steps list below.
  • Highlight the top three things you want to work on first. Work on those until they are done or until you deem it wise to consider working on another step from the list.
  • Go back to the list and pick another step on which you want to focus.
  • Keep going back to the list until you have completed everything you wish to complete.

If you have a question, feel free to contact us at or post a question on our Facebook page.

Action Steps for this Heart Based Parenting class:

  1. Embrace the differences that the other parent brings to the raising of your child.
  2. Respect and encourage the other parent in parenting your child.
  3. Activities for Tactility or sense of touch: Sensory Concerns: massage, deep hugs, rub softly with scratchy glove and other fabrics
  4. Determine your child’s Sequential Processing ability.
  5. Increase Sequential Processing ability with auditory sequencing activities.
  6. Consider the Melt the Meltdowns package
  7. Read article “Tiz the Sneezon” (see Resources list)
  8. Check out the Mindset information and create ways to input truth. (See Resources list)
  9. Determine your child Dominance leanings. Ask: Do I need to help my child line up dominance? (see Resources list)
  10. Consider if your child may have some developmental hiccups in the areas of reflexes and gross motor development. (see Resources list)
  11. Remember that Private Parent Coaching is available.


Audio Class: (can be played or downloaded)
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Class Slides to Print (optional):

Tiz the Sneezon - article: Click Here

Melt the Meltdowns: Purchase on Amazon for $11 at:

Mindset information:
It Is Not Good Enough. This particular mindset link is a blog post about perfectionism. However, we encourage you to apply this application to whatever wrong information you think your child is living with. These steps have been life changing for some of the children of parents with whom we have worked. Check it out.

Dominance Information:

If you are right handed you should be right eyed, right eared, and right footed dominantly. It doesn't mean that you never use the left side. It just means you use the right side dominantly. If you are left handed you should be left eyed, left eared, and left footed dominantly. It doesn't mean that you never use the right side. You just use the left side dominantly.

Why does it matter?

Because if information comes in the right ear, it gets stored on the left side of the brain. If the information comes in the right eye dominantly, it gets stored on the left side of the brain.

If information comes in the left ear, it gets stored on the right side of the brain. If the information comes in the left eye dominantly, it gets stored on the right side of the brain.

Then, when you go to retrieve it, you know just where to access it and you go on your merry way.

Now, what happens if you are mixed dominant? For example, some information comes in the right side and some comes in the left side. Some of that info gets stored on the right side of the brain and some of that info gets stored on the left side of the brain. Then, when you go to retrieve it -- it is difficult to find. It looks like you don't know something or it looks like you have low processing (and it takes a long time to retrieve the information) when it really is a matter of dominance and storage.

Dominance is long term memory. Along with immune issues, our son Josh was very mixed dominant. In fact, we thought he was right handed and it turned out that he really is left. What a crazy, mixed up kiddo he was. But, we were able to stimulate his brain, line up his dominance and it made a world of difference for his long term memory and his academic career.

So, we will teach you to be a dominance detective for your child(ren).

Note: A child needs to be at least 6 years old before we do dominance work.

First, the hand: Observe what hand your child uses. Some activities to observe:

  • write
  • brush teeth
  • comb hair
  • draw
  • color
  • eat
  • dig with a shovel
  • paint with a paintbrush
  • wave goodbye
  • throw a ball

Make a note of your observations. We also want to take a look at pencil grip. A pen or pencil should rest on the middle finger just about where the nail begins (the cuticle area) and glided by the pointer finger and the thumb. In fact, one often gets a callous in that spot from years of resting writing instruments there.

Second, the eye: Give your child a kaleidoscope and see which eye he or she uses. Hand them an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll and have them look for something in the distance. Which eye are they using? Take a sheet of paper and put a pin prick in the center of it. Ask the child to look through the hole. Which eye do they automatically start with? Have them stand across the room from you and ask them to line their fingertips up with yours as you point at them. If you follow their finger down toward their face you can usually tell which eye they are using.

Third, the ear: Watch which ear the child answers the telephone with. Sit across the table from them and start a conversation about something they are VERY interested in -- at a normal volume. Little by little lower your voice and see if they lean one ear toward you. Hand them one earbud or headphone and ask them to listen to something recorded -- which ear do they put the earbud or headphone up to?

Fourth, the foot: Have the child kick a ball and hop on one foot. What foot are they favoring?

Reflexes Information:

When we are babies in utero we develop certain reflexes. When we are born some of those reflexes are to integrate with other reflexes. As we grow, this integration process continues. Some children get stuck in that development and certain reflexes retain and do not integrate.  We have a whole class on Reflexes. If you would like more information about this and want to know what to do about it, contact us to see when we will be offering the Reflexes class.

Gross Motor Information:

Gross motor is a lower level brain function and we can tell by the way a child does certain activities if this foundation is solid enough for the rest of development that comes after.

So, we want to look at four gross motor skills:

1) Crawl on the belly (army style).

What we want to see:

  • the right leg and left arm should be working together
  • the left leg and right arm should be working together (this is cross pattern motion)
  • we want to see the leg pushing and the arm pulling for the child to propel himself/herself across the floor.
  • we want to see the head looking at the hand that is raised in the motion - switching back and forth from right to left with the movement.
  • we want to see a smooth synchronized motion with the cross pattern movement described above.

Watch for:

  • is he or she tending to work homolaterally -- meaning: does the right arm and leg work together and vice versa?
  • is the head moving to look at the upraised hand?
  • how smooth is the motion?
  • is it synchronized?

2) Creep on the hands and knees (like a puppy or kitten)

What we want to see:

  • the right leg and left hand are moving at the same time
  • the left leg and right hand are moving at the same time (this is cross pattern motion)
  • we want to see a good smooth, synchronized motion
  • we want to see the hands in front and flat as the child moves
  • we want to see the toes of the feet dragging on the floor

Watch for:

  • hands that tend to shift sideways or are not flat on the floor
  • feet that are hanging up in the air during the movement
  • homolateral or same side movement as opposed to cross pattern
  • awkward movement as opposed to synchronized, smooth movements

3) Cross March - Ask your child to march across the floor. Then ask him or her to touch his or her knees while marching. Do not give any visual cues. Just ask.

What we want to see:

  • a good march with the knees high (not super high - but not wimpy)
  • each hand should reach for the opposite knee during the movement
  • good synchronized, non-labored, don't have to think about it movement

Watch for:

  • wimpy knee bends
  • hands reaching for the same side knees
  • awkward movement instead of smooth
  • having to think about moving in the cross pattern vs. being automatic

4) Cross Skip - Ask your child to skip across the floor. Then ask him or her to touch his knees while skipping. Again -- do not give visual cues.

What we want to see:

  • a good synchronized skip with the feet
  • hands automatically reaching for the opposite knee


  • not getting the feet into a skip (we see a lot of "horse riding movements")
  • hands reaching for the same side knee
  • lack of coordinating synchronized movements

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