How Can I Help My Child To Focus?

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Lack of social cues, immaturity, concentration, ants-in-the-pants fidgetiness, impulsivity, sensory issues, processing, hyperactivity, distractibility, retaining information, reading and math, disorganization, inattention, or following directions?

Anything there look familiar in your child?

This is what we call SYMPTOMS. We would like to make a distinction between the term symptom and the term ROOT CAUSE. A symptom is a sign of something else. We like to say the symptoms in the above list of concerns are signs of something deeper.

If you have a child with the diagnosis of ADHD or Autism, you are familiar with some or all of these symptoms. There are also many children who do not have a diagnosis who suffer from some or all of these symptoms as well.

We invite you to consider that the symptoms you see in your child DO NOT HAVE TO BE A LIFE SENTENCE.

We have greatly reduced and even eliminated some of the symptoms listed above in our own children and other parents with whom we have worked have done so also!

How? We got to the root cause and did specific exercises and activities to open pathways in the brain. New connections were made and things were so much better for our children.

What kind of root causes are we talking about here? Here are five of the most prevalent root causes for the symptoms that come with focus problems:

1. Sequential Processing (auditory and/or visual) is low.
2. Mixed-Dominance - disorganization of the central nervous system.
3. Tactility struggles - the Sensory system is off.
4. Systems Management – there are few structures in place for success.
5. Visual Development – sometimes the eyes and brain do not have the connection they need.

The good news is -- 1) There are things YOU can do to help your child, hands-on parent, and 2) IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!

We have personally worked on each one of the above five root causes with our children by doing specific and targeted activities. We are still amazed about how simple the activities were and what a difference they made! The hardest part was first to figure out how to incorporate the activities into our lifestyle and then to be consistent in getting them done. Just like many things in child rearing, we needed to evaluate and reevaluate and adjust and readjust.

We will never regret the work we did with our children. If you want more information about how to bring about these changes for your child and how to get the support in the process, please contact us.

Tom and Julie Meekins

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