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You have just taken a step toward understanding your child and your situation a little better. We are excited to help you become empowered and equipped. We admire your desire to move forward.


Introduction letter to Mom or Dad

Dear Mom or Dad,

You are reading this because you have purchased a product or package from us in hope that this will be something that will give you some direction in your situation. Maybe you are looking for that one thing that will turn everything around for you and your child.

You may find that here. You may be super encouraged and feel equipped. We know this stuff is good because we have done it with our children and met with success and we have shared it with countless other parents who have done some or all of these action steps with their children who have had remarkable results.

BUT…you should know that we are parents like you. During the course of raising our children, we have been exhausted, frustrated, angry, confused, excited, humbled, overwhelmed and filled with unspeakable joy and hope.

We have talked with professionals who have given us nothing but bleak thoughts for the future of our children. We have wondered in the day to day of raising these children if all the research, classes, time, energy, and money spent is really making a difference.

Please know that you are not alone. You may feel that no one truly understands the depth of your struggle. Please know that we care. More importantly the God who created you cares even more deeply. He knows and He cares.

In our doubts, in our exhaustion, in our confusion it was easy to get discouraged. We do not begin to understand or have the ability to explain the whys of our lives or of yours. We have often asked the question “why did you pick us, Lord, to do this?”

We only know that we cannot get through the daily journey without the Rock, the Anchor.

Do you have that Anchor, too? Do you know Jesus? He wants to be your Savior. He wants to be your Rock and your Redeemer. He says to come to him and he will give you rest.

We have found the God of the Universe to be faithful to provide all we need in every step. We needed only to trust Him. Sometimes He sends us on avenues of pursuit we feel may be our undoing. Sometimes we struggle with “am I doing enough? Am I doing THE thing? Did I take my child to THE best expert? Did I really uncover every rock? We can make ourselves crazy with our doing and our pursuing.

Yes. We need to search and seek for the best for our children but we first need to SEEK GOD for wisdom. We need to make a daily practice of giving over our child to the ONE who loves him or her even more than we do.

Seek Him. Ask for wisdom. Then listen. He will guide you.

With Passion and Compassion,
Tom and Julie


There are many personal and unique ways to process information. You might consider approaching the information in this package this way:

  • Listen to the audio
  • Follow along with the Activities List with Descriptions
  • Compile some notes of things that resonate with you while listening.


  • Consider the details of the Activities List.
  • Highlight the top three things you want to work on first. Work on those until they are done or until you deem it wise to consider working on another step from the list.
  • Go back to the list and pick another step on which you want to focus.
  • Keep going back to the list until you have completed everything you wish to complete.

Consider listening to the audio teaching from time to time to refresh your learning.

If you have a question, feel free to contact us at or post a question on our Facebook page.



Audio Link to the class - Click Here (the audio may be played or downloaded)

Note: at the end of this audio teaching we spend a bit of time inviting you to consider private coaching with us. Please know that if you do the activities that we encourage in the audio class and continue doing them until you see a change, you will make a huge difference for your child. If the idea of coaching resonates with you and you feel like you would like additional support as you work with your child, we would be honored to engage with you in a coaching experience.

Activities List with Descriptions link

Are you looking for support while you  implement? Click Here
National Center for Biblical Parenting

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