Is it Possible?

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by Tom and Julie Meekins ---

This past week we spoke publicly and Julie also had the privilege of joining several lady's groups in our new town. In the course of our message from the stage and in conversations with individuals, we shared the prognosis Amy received when she was two weeks old.

"Amy has CHARGE Syndrome. That will probably mean that she will be blind, deaf, and mentally retarded and will most likely NOT walk, talk, or eat by mouth."

Each time we repeat that diagnosis and prognosis, it gives us pause.

What if we settled for that and just helped Amy exist? What if we didn't pursue what possibilities could open up for her? What if we just made her comfortable?

We are convinced that had we not uncovered rocks, researched, and stimulated her brain by moving her body and speaking to her, pursued how to feed her nutritiously, taught her to read, sought to give her social skills and life skills -- Amy would not be doing what she is doing today.

Our message to you today is that no matter what the diagnosis, prognosis, syndrome, label, etc. your child receives, be open to new possibilities. Whether you are dealing with life or death moments regularly or learning inefficiencies or behavior challenges, these struggles are not necessarily life sentences. Every child is an individual no matter what. Children even within the same syndrome or label have different stories. Do not limit your child to his or her label or to the symptoms you see now.

We invite you to just sit for a while and set aside the limitations. Begin to think about what small new step you would like for your child. Is it that he or she would be able to say "mama" or "dada"? Is it using the potty? Is it crawling? walking? writing? reading? spelling? being content?

Perhaps you would love for your child to be able to engage in a meaningful conversation or have the ability to be left at home on their own. Maybe you would just LOVE for your child to develop the social skills to be a friend and have a friend.

Would you like to see your child eat more than three different foods? bite, chew, and swallow?

We have learned to be realistic, loving, and at the same time shoot for the moon.

How about you? Are you open to a new dream?

Amy speaks at some of our presentations and one thing she loves to tell people is that she "dreams big for her future".  And she does!

Are you dreaming big for your child's future?


Tom and Julie Meekins

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