Is My Child On Track

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Is My Child On Track?
By Tom and Julie Meekins

  • Is your baby creeping and crawling and talking on target?
  • Does your preschooler and elementary aged child mostly like to play with children younger than him?
  • Does she look at you in the eye or does she seem to look right through you?
  • Is there a major blow up and temper tantrum when transitioning him from one activity to another?
  • Does your child battle lots of ear or sinus infections?
  • Do normal sounds bother her enough to constantly put her hands over her ears?

Since early development has major ramifications for future maturity and development, it is important for every parent to ponder these questions.


This is a checklist of just a FEW areas of development to be watching for in your child.

crawl  - This is an army crawl. When a child learns how to scoot along on his tummy usually he will use the same side arm and leg to get some movement. As he develops, look for a cross pattern movement. What is that? The right arm and the left leg should work together and the left arm and right leg should work together. Eventually, you should see a good synchronized cross pattern movement. This is very critical for future development.

creep - This is up on the hands and knees. As your child moves from crawling on the belly she will most likely get up on her hands and knees and begin to rock. One day that rock will transition into movement. At first, similar to crawling, you may see her use same side then same side to get going. It is important for this crawl to mature to a good cross pattern synchronized movement. You may have seen children do all kinds of approximations of crawling. Sometimes they will draw their knees up. Sometimes they will partially sit and scoot. Anything OTHER THAN the good creep of hands flat on the floor, toes dragging along the floor (not raised up) moving in a cross pattern form is NOT good for future development. It is imperative for you to model and facilitate by moving your child into that good cross pattern crawl.  If your child is older than the crawling and creeping stage and you know they did not do these activities well or your child is one that never crawled or creeped, there are ways to capture this foundational level of brain function.

eye contact - Very critical in the development of a child. If your child seems to "see right through you" or very seldom ever looks you in the eye this is a reason for great concern.

keeping the ears clear - Many children struggle with fluid and/or wax in the ears. If your child is to build a strong foundation in his or her development, it is imperative to keep those ears clear. There are many safe and healthy methods to use to bring about good ear care. If your child has struggled with fluid and has been prescribed many antibiotics, you will want to educate yourself on the bad effects of long term antibiotic use and look into healthy alternatives.

difficult transitions - Tantrums with transitions is another indicator that something is not right in your child's development.

shielding ears from sound - If your child often has to put his hands over his ears to block out normal everyday sounds, this could be an indicator of sensory overload and would warrant a discussion with a child development expert.

If any of these areas of development are a concern to you in the growth of your child, the good news is that usually there are simple activities that can be done to bring about better function and better development. To discuss your concerns, we invite you to contact us for a Get Acquainted Call. at

Tom and Julie Meekins

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