6 Quick LESSONS to Teach Your Child
Reading and Math from the Inside/Out

LESSON 1: Reading Specific - Growing a Confident Reader with Sight Word Vocabulary

LESSON 2: Math Specific - Assuring Math Success by: Teaching Processes mostly Visually/Teaching Math Facts mostly Auditorily and other Math Tips
Class: http://Events.AttendThisEvent.com/?eventid=74692767


LESSON 3: Building a Strong Brain Foundation with Cross Pattern Gross Motor
Class: http://Events.AttendThisEvent.com/?eventid=74695350

Link on Slide #7: "Creeping and Fine Motor Skills”

Link on Slide #8: Crawling and Creeping, is it Important

Link on Slide #9: Infant Development - Creeping & Crawling - One of the Most Important Developmental Milestones


LESSON 4: Following Multi-Step Directions with Short Term Memory Work

LESSON 5: Sharpening Visual Focus with Central Detail and other Vision Development, etc.


LESSON 6: Building your Discouraged Student's Self Esteem


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