Ok So My Child Has …

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Okay So My Child Has [fill in the blank].

Or I Think My Child May Have...

By Julie and Tom Meekins,

Now -- What Do I Do About it?

Is this you?

Are you sitting with your head in your hands in total confusion or maybe even despair?

Please look up for just a minute and hear us out.

Even if your child has a label (Pick any label out there...ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, ODD, OCD, Dyslexia, Failure to Thrive, any syndrome, anything at all) ...

Even if your child has behavior issues that are driving you absolutely up a brick wall ....

Even if you have no labels and your child just is quirky -- you really cannot put your finger on it to describe it in a nutshell but you know something is off...

Even if you have no labels but academically your child is having major problems...

Even if you have no labels but your child's social skills and maturity are behind...



the label IS not your Child
the behavior IS not your Child
the academic struggles does not identify your Child

None of the symptoms
or the labels
or the diagnosis
or the prognosis
dictates who your child IS or what they will become.

The prognosis of our youngest was: blind, deaf, mentally retarded, probably will not walk, talk or eat by mouth. Let's pick that apart for a minute. What if her prognosis was just blind? That would be overwhelming. What if her prognosis was just deaf? That would be disconcerting. What if we were told she would be mentally retarded? How does a parent wrap their brains around that thought? And then what happens to a parent when someone says their child will not walk? will not talk (non-verbal)? not eat by mouth -- what!! -- how else will she eat?

We grieved. We cried. We hurt.


it was time to get to rethink this whole thing.

We realized that we had a choice. We could wallow in the words of the prognosis. We could lament over the potential lost dreams...


We could roll up our sleeves and get to work. We could research. We could network.

We looked under every rock of opportunity for help for our child until we found things that made sense. We took her to experts that helped us to see that we could possibly rewrite that prognosis. At the very least, we could implement things that could help her to attain a better life.

And we did.

But first, we needed to accept and deal with a new and different dream than what we had for our child.

Once we did that, we were at peace and we could look around at our life and our family and see the beauty in it.

Is this where you are today? We hear you. We see you. We feel you.

Hugs to you and yours as you pick up those pieces and move on…

If our story resonates with you, and you want help with the “what to do about it piece”, send us an email or go to the Contact Page on our website and ask for a free Get Acquainted Call.

Julie and Tom

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