Predictably Unpredictable

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Predictably Unpredictable

Wait. What?

Do you feel like random is your child’s middle name?

LoadingWe often have conversations with parents who are surprised daily with their children’s reactions and behaviors and antics. Every growing child comes with puzzling behaviors, but for those raising children with challenges – sometimes those challenges include a whole new level of the unforeseeable.

Often the only thing that is predictable is that their child’s behavior is going to be ridiculously random.

More times than they want to count, these parents find themselves stunned and looking at their child with these thoughts going through their heads:

What the heck?
Never seen that before.
What on earth do we do about that?

If you are like us and we think that you are, you are looking for solutions or at least action steps you can take toward reaching for solutions.

First start with questions.

These questions may be helpful to rule out or to give you pause and a “hmmmm” and a “maybe”:

  • What is different?
  • Is there a new baby in the house?
  • Did Gramma or Grandpa come to live with us?
  • Has a new therapy been introduced?
  • Did we just experience an out-of-the-ordinary event?
  • Has the educational setting changed?
  • Is he or she getting sick or getting over being sick?
  • Has there been a medication change?

What about the environment:

  • Has anything changed with his or her bed, bedding, bedroom, house?
  • Has this child been exposed to toxins?
  • Could there be a new allergen lurking?
  • Is your child sensitive to fluoride in the drinking water?
  • Does your child swim often in a chlorinated pool?

Consider food intake:

  • Has this child tried a new food and maybe they are having a reaction?
  • Too much sugar intake?
  • Any problems with wheat, dairy, soy?
  • Maybe there is a vitamin deficiency:
  • Vitamin C and D3 are common deficiencies
  • Is this child lacking magnesium?
  • Or a trace mineral? (like iron, zinc, iodine)

We remember when our kids were younger and their behavior was perplexing, we didn’t even know what the questions were when we were seeking to solve the problems of their unpredictability. The above questions got us started on the right path to finding answers.

Are you looking for someone to help you navigate this crazy world of the unpredictable? Remember that we do private parent coaching (by phone and email – so you don’t even have to leave your house.) We would consider it an honor to walk with you for a bit to help you create a direction to solve some mysteries.

With much love,
Tom and Julie
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