Privilege is a Perspective

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Focus is so important.

No matter how tough life can get, there are always blessings behind every corner. Sometimes the blessings are obvious. Other times you have to look a little more deeply for them. We encourage you to look for them. We have a choice to see that glass half empty or half full. Choosing to see the glass half full brings a special depth to life.

We consider it a privilege to have raised the children we have raised. Here are some reasons why:

P - Perseverance.

Our children have taught us to hang in there for the long haul. Through them and their struggles, we developed a steady persistence and a purpose in spite of the obstacles and difficulties that came their way.  

R - Root causes.

Learning to get to the root cause of symptoms has been life-changing for every member of our family.

I – Inspiration.

Watching our children persevere in spite of often excruciating uphill battles, is quite an inspiration.

V- Victory

Even small victories are appreciated and were received in our family with great joy.

I – Indebted.

We are indebted to our faithful, loving God, those who chose to journey with us as prayer warriors and in practical every day help, and our children. We will never be able to adequately repay.  

L – Love.

We were (and are) recipients of unconditional love.

E – Expansion.

One of the most valuable lessons we have learned is to expand our thinking to greater possibilities. If we remained satisfied with prognoses or limits put on the conditions are children had, where would they be? We believe that reaching for new possibilities brought end results no one could have imagined.

G – Gratitude.

We are so incredibly thankful for this journey called life. It has been agonizing at times but we have always been guided, equipped, loved, and carried.

E – Entertainment

And now we are in the stage of life where our adult children are quite entertaining.  We have added two children-in-love through the years. Each of our kids by birth and by marriage bring their unique personalities to the mix called our family and we love all of their antics.

Yes. It has been a privilege to raise our children and NOW we consider it a privilege to walk alongside you in your journey as you are raising your children.

Consider each of the letters in the word P-R-I-V-I-L-E-G-E and the corresponding words above. We invite you to write out your own acronym and fill in the descriptions from each of the words from your own life. It may help you focus on blessings even in the midst of the tough stuff. We guarantee it will enrich your life forever.

And…if you would like us to journey with you for a while with child development, nutrition, or parenting strategies, send us an email at

With much love,
Tom and Julie

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