Returning Home

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green grassHave you recently returned from an out-of-town event or meeting? What is life like when you return? When you pull into the driveway, do you see that the grass needs cutting? Are there more weeds in the garden than you remember? As you look around, is your "to do" list growing? And what about the list that came out of the content of the meeting you just had? When you open the front door and step in, what will you find?

Julie and I recently returned from a 2-day business meeting, arriving home just before midnight. Even with all the work that awaited us, we enjoyed our reunion with 2 of our adult children who were still awake. It was precious time to greet, to hug, and to talk. We enjoyed the brief time we had to catch up and to see how they were doing.

Returning home after a business trip can be a challenge. It is a great time to joyfully greet family members. It is a time to reestablish relationships. The unpacking will have to be done. The house chores need to get done. The yard work will be waiting. Now it's time to get some sleep. I'll work on my list tomorrow ...

Tom Meekins

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