Scare Away the Sickie Bugs

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5 Tips to Scare Away the Sickie Bugs -- 

Tom and Julie Meekins --

1. Drink water. Dehydration causes illness. Pick water first. Help your children to reach for water before sugar-laden even seemingly healthy drinks. Have a reluctant water drinker? Dilute something your child will drink?

2. Decrease sugar intake. Sugar feeds illness. If you want to stay healthy be wise about choosing your holiday treats. If you are sick right now, go waaay low on sugar intake.

3. Eat more fruits and veggies. Here are some great ideas to help your kids eat healthier:

4. Peroxidize - For: flu, colds, pneumonia, bronchitis.   Get 3 bottles of hydrogen peroxide you find in the grocery store add 5 bottles of water. (Pure water is optimal but if you only have tap, use it!) Pour all of this into a cold mist humidifier. Use the kind that has high pumping action (usually, they are the less expensive kind). Run this next to the bed all night. Breathe deeply. Why? You are killing bugs. They cannot live in an oxygen environment.

5.  Rest. We know this is a crazy time of year. We recommend that you schedule rest. Maybe it means that your family decides not to participate in an activity or two. Maybe it means that you decide to go to bed instead of baking more cookies. Perhaps it means that you sit and read to your child instead of going to the store to get one more present. We give you permission to rest. We give you permission to keep your child home from some activities and help them rest.

These suggestions seem too easy but even these simple steps will make a huge difference in bringing you and your family back to health and in keeping you healthy.

We wish you vim, vigor, and vitality!

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