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The excitement is in the air. Something new is about to happen. The fireworks are about to begin. The pitcher is ready to throw the first pitch. It's Kickoff time. Start your engines. Runners take you mark, get set, go! Three-Two-One Liftoff! Out with the old, in with the new. Put off the old, put on the new. Sunrise!

Life is full of changes. I find it more enjoyable to look at these changes as the beginning of something new. I have a choice. I can move forward with confidence or shrink back with fear.  I would guess that every day you encounter something new with your child. Just this week, we picked up Amy's hearing aid from being repaired. Over the weekend, it broke again and we need to go through the whole repair process again. This was not in our plan, but it has to be done. I could stress over it, grumble and complain, or I could choose to learn from this unplanned opportunity to grow. We all like routine, but sometimes our routine includes expecting the unexpected.

In keeping with the theme of "something new", as you have seen, we launched our new website at And with the new site, we added a blog. We look forward to all the new ways we will be able to use the website to share our story and to help other families navigate the often lonely path of raising challenging children. Our desire for you is to reach out and seek support in your journey. Julie and I started March Forth Family to educate, equip, and empower parents and teachers to help children to the next level of their development. Take a tour of our new web page. And if you think we are a good fit, contact us.

Tom Meekins

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