The Little Blue Note

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You never know where it is going to pop up. It could be hiding in a dresser drawer or under a computer keyboard. It has been discovered in the pantry, under a cell phone, in a cup holding pencils, on a pillow, under the covers, on a desk and in the freezer.

Wonder where else it will be found.

It is a simple thing with profound ripples.

It speaks o0515151857-2f hope, encouragement, camaraderie, partnership, empathy, grit, mission, and love

It tells the tale of two people who have spent a lifetime doing everyday things with the other in mind.

It is a little blue note.

The message on the note is very simple but holds a lifetime of profound commitment and memories.

"I (heart) You! me"

It was created by Tom and we have passed it back and forth for months.

On June 9th we will celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary. We have been through the loss of a beloved father and step-father. We have agonized over ten years of infertility.  Unspeakable joy was shared with the birth of each of our four children.

We survived infants, toddlers, elementaries, and teens. We took challenging diagnoses and symptoms in our children by the horns and had victory when no one thought it was possible.  There was no greater joy than to see each of our children embrace a personal relationship with the God we love. We have given away a daughter and a son in marriage. We have received with open arms a son-in-love and daughter-in-love.

We heard a call, a fire in our belly began to grow, and we started a mission that we cannot stop. Our heart for parents grows bigger and bigger every day and especially those parents whose children have challenges. We are compelled to bring hope and help to children through their parents. And...we get the privilege of doing it together.

How about you? What simple but profound thing can you do to communicate hope, encouragement, camaraderie, partnership, empathy, grit, mission, and love to your loved ones?

We don't mind if you copy. You can make a little blue note (or green or pink or yellow) with a message for your spouse, parent, child, friend or you can come up with a completely new idea. The key is to do whatever you can to build those relationships. Give the benefit of the doubt. Forgive easily. Make it a priority. Figure a way to communicate joy. Be creative. You will be glad you did.

Wishing you lots of fun and laughter.

Much love,

Tom and Julie


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