What Do You Want Them To Know?

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What Do You Want Them to Know?

This week we have had the wonderful privilege of hosting our daughter-in-love soon to be who will be marrying our one and only son in the fall. Our Kimberly has a heart for children who have challenges and their parents. Of course, we would love her anyway because she is awesome, but this aspect of who she is just adds to our joy in knowing her.

So we were having a discussion about a course she is taking in college this semester around disabilities and suffering. That led us to sit back and ponder a question. What would we want them to know?

For all the college students who are taking a course of study that will lead them to working with children who have challenges, along with the latest and greatest academics, what would we want them to know?

  1. Would you like them to know how important it is to get to know your child as an individual?
  2. Would you like them to understand how compassion is a huge component in working with your kids?
  3. Would you like them to be taught to see you as the expert on your child?
  4. Would you like the prof to help these young people learn the importance of being team players with you, the parents?
  5. Would you like the college students who go on to work with your kids understand that the child they are working with today has the capacity to change and become better?
  6. Would you like these young people to catch the vision that they can be a part of an amazing work of helping your child reach a greater goal than most would think possible?

...what would you add to this list?

These things are not usually on the syllabus of a course for college students studying how to work with children who have challenges.

But what if they were?

Let us help you "get the word out". Invite us to come speak to groups you know who would benefit. Contact us today at to chat about how we might help you raise awareness.

Tom and Julie Meekins

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