What is Causing My Child’s Struggle

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What is Causing my Child’s Struggle?

Is it possible that your Struggling Child Missed a Critical Developmental Step?

What do we mean by that?

When a child is having a hard time with:

  • anxiety
  • balance
  • allergies
  • reading
  • speech
  • hyperactivity
  • short term and long term memory
  • following directions
  • roller coaster emotions

or anything else that makes life challenging, it is often a result of development that got stuck somewhere along the way.

When our children develop normally and there are no glaring problems, we don't really think about these things. We didn't. But when we have a child who is struggling in any area, as parents we begin the search to find reasons and solutions, don't we?

On our journey to uncover the rocks, we discovered that anxiety, balance, and allergies could have as its root retained reflexes. Have you ever thought about retained reflexes? We didn't. Until we had to.

We also learned that creeping and crawling in a cross pattern, synchronized manner lays the groundwork for the rest of development. Children who do not creep and crawl or who do not do it long enough or correctly are at risk for struggling with development down the road. Even reading can be difficult for those who didn't creep and crawl well enough to lay a strong foundation. Reading and crawling related? Who knew?

The many children these days who are showing symptoms of ADHD, OCD, Executive Function Disorder and other struggles may have gotten stuck somewhere along the way in their development.

The good news is THERE ARE THINGS TO DO ABOUT IT.  The plasticity of the brain is a beautiful thing. There is always room for growth and when the brain grows, a different story emerges.

The important thing to know is HOW to stimulate the brain specifically so that the new development can come in.

This has been the secret to our children grabbing development that didn't happen naturally and giving them a future no one could have anticipated.

They are grown now and doing way more than anyone could have imagined.

Do you have a child who is struggling? has challenges? is complex? We can help you discover if the developmental steps critical to a strong foundation are in place or need some help. We can teach you how to tell and then we can give you the "what to do about it piece".

Are you ready for the "what to do about it piece"? Contact us at:

Much Love,
Tom and Julie Meekins


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