When Do I Consider Nutrition?

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When Do I Consider Nutrition?
Tom and Julie Meekins ---

You may be asking yourself:

When do I need to consider that nutrition could be at the bottom of my child's concerns or at least contributing to them?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I seeing behavior that is less than desirable in my child? Are meltdowns, whining, mood swings, hyperactivity, and negativity regular concerns?

2. Am I noticing foggy thinking, frustration with lack of focus, and seeming laziness in my child?

3. Could my child's frequent respiratory illnesses, ear infections, skin irritations, stomach problems, achiness, or allergies be attributed to a compromised immune system?

If those questions give you pause, then we encourage you to pick up the battle of ruling out nutrition/food/environment as the culprit.

Our first recommendation is that you do a food diary. A food diary could open up the world of awareness to you about your child's system. Keep it simple. Record four things: 1) Time of day, 2) food eaten and amounts, 3) environment (for example -- playground, home, a particular building, park, event, etc.), and 4) behavior/moods/fatigue/hyperactive, etc.

Commit to keeping this log for at least two weeks.

Once you have done a food diary for a few weeks, you may see a pattern develop. The next step is "what to do about it".

Some of you already know that there are certain food allergies in your children. There are many different ways to deal with allergies. Obviously, if you have a life/death allergy you avoid that food at all costs.

For some of you it is not obvious that a particular individual food is creating a problem for your child but you suspect so because of  frequent illness, behavior, academic struggles, brain fog, hyperactivity, or some of the symptoms that come with ADHD, Autism, or other labels.

We would like to suggest that these struggles could very likely point to a compromised immune system. That is what happened with our son. He was developing just fine and then his health and behavior started a downward spiral.

We discovered that certain environments created a flare of his symptoms and behavior struggles and that told us another piece of the story.

If you suspect that your child has a compromised immune system look into a possible food/nutrition or toxic environment component.

As certified health coaches as well as special needs specialists, we encourage you to look at all possible angles that could be keeping your children from being their best.

And remember…

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Tom and Julie Meekins

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