Your Child Is Not Broken

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Your child is not broken.

You may have noticed that something is not quite up to par with your child. You may be dealing with a scary, discouraging, or confusing diagnosis. You may have even been given a bleak prognosis. We did and we were.

The words that come with these observations are often negative and overwhelming.

This may have sent you in a downward spiral.

We are here to tell you that your child is not broken. Your child is not “dis” (dis-abled or dis-ordered). Your child is not deficit.

Your child is precious, awesome, and beautiful.

Sit with that a minute.

Now, let's be realistic here. We don't mean that there are not some things that need to be addressed. We advocate research. We urge reaching out for support, help, information and knowledge. We encourage action steps. We are huge proponents of uncovering every rock to find help for our children. We believe in finding the root causes of symptoms in our children and going after the "what to do about it" pieces.

But if we come from a place that my child is not broken,  if we come from the place that he or she is precious just the way they are, if we realize that this current place where my child is and where I am as a parent is exactly where I am supposed to be for now -- the mindset shift is life-changing.

When we accept our child with unconditional love and accept our situation as is in this moment - we are better equipped to move forward to get help for ourselves as parents and our children.

A child who has challenges is not broken
A child who has challenges is not a tragedy.

Every child is a gift. Every child is a blessing. Each experience in life holds treasures. It is worth looking for the silver lining in the sometimes overwhelmingly dark clouds. But, we promise you -- if you look, you will find it.

Take time to unwrap the beautiful package that is your child and that is your experience.

Always remember: we can help you peel back the layers of the symptoms you see to discover the potential root causes and to create a new story for you and for your child.

Julie and Tom Meekins


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